'Before Midnight'... There was a Sunrise & a Sunset

By Todas mis palabras - martes, abril 16, 2013

Love, life, and the search for meaning. Those seemed to be the main topics everytime Jesse and Celine found each other, and I specifically mean found and not met in order to enclose it with deeper meaning, as in some people are meant to find each other.
What I like the most about 'Before Sunrise' and 'Before Sunset' is that they both have the perfect combination of elements: a wonderfull cinematography intertwined with well written, effective, magnetic lines.
The best of it all is that, even If you haven't had the chance to fall in love with someone as deeply as these two characters did, you can still empathize with them, because we all run into the same crossroads eventually: to find the meaning of life, to be in the quest for love (feel love or be loved), and, simply as a consequence of these two, the pursuit of happiness.
So, I expect the third deliver of this story to be exactly the same, but with a little twist to it: what happens after we finally get what we thought we wanted?
'Before Midnight' opens in USA theatres on May 24th. (Click here to see other release dates).

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