Raf Simons & Dior: A Match Made in Heaven

By Todas mis palabras - miércoles, marzo 06, 2013

Glamour, sophistication and an utterly classy halo... Those words, which were once chosen to describe one of the top (and my personal favorite) fashion houses, have now been recicled, remastered and renewed by the hand of the very own Raf Simons.
Let me just say, the latest collections have been absolutely breathtaking, and since I'm a big fan of the late 40s, 50s and 60s fashion, and a proud follower of this Belgian designer, I just have to say it: Dior would be proud.
It would seem like, as Christian Dior once did in 1947, Simons has arrived to sweep us of our feet with unique, simplified and chic allure, embracing Dior's essence and translating trends into true fashion. After all, we have to learn from the past in order to look forward to the future.
With Sofia Coppola directing Miss Dior's TV spots, Natalie Portman as Miss Dior Cherie's flawless image, and the up and coming talent Jennifer Lawrance as the star of Miss Dior Handbags' Ad Campaign, we can confirm that the House of Dior is at its prime, reestablishing as the one and only epitome of fashion.

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