Current Obsession: GIRLS

By Todas mis palabras - viernes, marzo 29, 2013

Well, I'm pretty much obsessed with this show. At first I had my doubts about watching it. I wasn't sure about it, didn't understand for a while what it was about exactly. And it probably wasn't until Lena Dunham won her Golden Globe that I started second guessing my decision.
So, a couple of weeks ago I watched just one episode and then...I was completely hooked up.
Do you know that feeling when you look at a photograph, almost staring at it, and realize that it completely reflects who you are, 'cause you're not posing, you're just being you, probably having fun and hopefully with someone you love. Well, GIRLS is just that, it's the perfect still of a piece of reality: raw, loose, simple, smart.  It has such a great script (thank you Lena!), and it portrays the transition to adultness in such a freshly accurate way, that it almost feels as if your life had been turned into a TV series (or at least that's how I felt).
Relationships, relationshits, friendships, the problem of not having a job, the problem of having one, feeling stuck, feeling lonely...everything, absolutely everything is approached in the most conscientious way possible, carefully taking to count every single detail about a 20 somethings' semi grown up.
This is the next big step into, not reality TV, but TV about reality: A+


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