TREND REPORT: Goya Awards 2013

By Todas mis palabras - lunes, febrero 18, 2013

The Beading Game
Beads are everywhere. We've already seen it at the Grammys, with those two gorgeous Cavalli gowns, and now Clara Lago and Ana Fernández flew this trend all the way yo Spain, turning it into the ultimate ticket to glamnation.

Make it Drape
Andrea Duro and Blanca Suárez looked stunning in full black, drapped gowns, Talking about sophistication!

The Golden Age 
Gold seemed like the right choice for Dafne Fernández and Nadia Santiago, who dazzled the paparazzis in their silhouette enhancing night gowns.

The Neck & The Waist
Macarena García looked like a red goddess, while Mar Saura seemed like winter angel in white lace. Both took the Greek neckline to another level, with cinched waists and faboulous allure.

Go Optical!
Amaia Salamanca and Nieves Alvarez's gowns were two of the edgiest looks of the night. Their contrasting wavy gowns made them look like two ravishing optical illusions.


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