TREND REPORT: Golden Globes' Red Carpet

By Todas mis palabras - lunes, enero 14, 2013

 Feminity and subtle glam. Mermaid gowns are the ultimate ticket to the chic station, specially if you wear them in pale pink shades, or soft 'almost white' tones.
'Under the sea'. The aquamarine color palette is IN this season, along with oriental designs, straight lines and sexy shoulders.
The Black Dalia
 Sensual, mesmerizing and magnetic. Black is always there, along with its classic, dazzling and misterious power, too appealing to ignore.
Believe in Fairy Tales
 Gold, sheer and glow, those seem to be the key words, at least for Jennifer Lopez, Julianne Hough, Michelle Dockery and Kerry Washington, playing the lead in some kind of fashion fairy tale.
Red Riding Hood
 Jennifer Lawrence, Zooey Deschanel and Claire Danes were all Ladies in Red at the (also) Red Carpet. Marion Cotillard placed her bet on a brighter shade, almost tangerine, with an irregular hem.
Back to the 20s
Naomi Watts & Amy Adams took us back to the early 20th century with two variations of 20s' inspired hairstyles: talking about sophisticated glamour.
Veronica Lake is in the air
Jennifer Lopez and Megan Fox went all the way for the classic and sexy 'Veronica Lake' look. Side parted and wavy... a win-win combination. 

Best Dressed
Anne Hathaway in Chanel: flawless, simple and chic.

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  1. Loved your picks and descriptions. There were some great trends to look out for and many classics making a come back. That Veronica Lake hair is stunning!