CHICA I.T.: Anne Hathaway

By Todas mis palabras - miércoles, enero 16, 2013

She's the girl who has it all: Talent, style and natural allure. Her versality has brought her to the top list of the most wanted actresses, and her amazing and dazzling beauty has turn her into the IT Girl of the 21st century.
Anne Hathaway has played almost every role in the book: a teenage turned to princess, and aspiring journalist turned into fashion assistant, Agent 99, Alice in Wonderland's White Queen, Cat Woman and even Jane Austen.

Styled by Rachel Zoe herself, Anne has been claimed as a Red Carpet Queen and one of the best dressed celebrities all over the world. She definitely knows how to pull off the middle point between daring and chic.

The Glamourous & Golden

White Texture

Navy it is!

Black and White...& Black

From a Retro Point of View

Her history of hairstyles is proof that her face is absolutely unique and wonderfully flawless. Her latest Oscar nomination for Les Misérables, her impecable skills as a full performer and her rising career is evidence that we still have plenty more to see about Miss Hathaway, a true Hollywood Chameleon.


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