I've Got You On My Skin: Celebrity's Favorite Tattoo Phrases

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Neck- 'Rebelle Fleur'

Freja Beha
Right Arm - 'This too Shall Pass / Serendipity is Me'

David Beckham
Left Hand - 'Love'
Bradley Soileau
Forehead - 'War Inside my Head'
Rachel Evan Wood
Upper Back - 'All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream'
Lana del Rey
Hands - 'trust no one / paradise'

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1 comentarios:

  1. Hello lovely!

    I wanted to say that I have chosen you as a nominee for the liebster award! I really like your blog and I think it needs to get more recognition :) So, here is the link to the post where you can see all the details about this little project:


    Keep on doing the great work! xoxo


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