MUST LISTEN: Harper Simon - Berkeley Girl Video (Ft. Jena Malone)

By Todas mis palabras - domingo, agosto 19, 2012

She is juniper and roses
She is amethyst and pearl
And though she makes her home in Hollywood
She's really just a Berkeley girl

She's the breeze on Sunday morning
Blowing down a country lane
She's got the style of Paulette Goddard
And the smile of Joan Fontaine

And she drives a Karmann Ghia
Through the streets of Silver Lake
And the hills of Echo park

She is crinoline and satin
She is leopard skin and lace
Hard to believe that she believed in me
When I was such a hopeless case

And she knows from love and service
Yes, she knows from peace of mind
To be not sinister in purpose
And to never be unkind

And she loves a Tulsi garden
And she loves her rock 'n roll
And she's never far from my mind

She is juniper and roses
Guess I'll sing it once again
And though we are no longer lovers
I know she'll always be my friend

So if you're ever right beside her
Drivin' down the 101
Be thankful that you're with a Berkeley girl
Who's beautiful beneath the moon and the sun.

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