CHICA I.T.: Blake Lively

By Sol.Iametti - lunes, marzo 14, 2011

The name Blake Lively is in the air. This 23 years old young lady has recently found herself as the brand new face of Chanel. Best known for her role as Bridget in the movie "The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants" (2005), and as Serena, her infamous character of the Upper East Side in "Gossip Girl", she has shown her true talent in strong movies such as "Elvis and Anabelle" (2007) and "The Town" (2010), this last one starred and directed by the one and only Ben Affleck. She has the beauty, she has the fame. She's our new I.T girl!
El nombre Blake Lively suena en el aire. Esta jóven de 23 años ha sido elegida recientemente como la nueva imagen de Chanel. Mejor conocida por su papel de Bridget en "Un Verano en Pantalones" (2005), y como Serena, su personaje infame del Upper East Side en la serie "Gossip Girl", ha mostrado su verdadero talento en películas intensas como "Elvis y Anabelle" (2007) y "The Town" (2010), esta última protagonizada y dirigida por el mismísimo Ben Affleck. Tiene la belleza, tiene la fama. Tiene el título de nuestra nueva Chica I.T!

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  1. she's so gorgeous. Apparently I look a little bit like her but I don't really see it, other than being blonde.