The Age of Innocence: Marley Kate PH

By Sol.Iametti - jueves, octubre 14, 2010

"The world is a playground", that's what it comes to mind everytime I go to
Marley Kate's a photographer born and raised in NY, former student of the School of Visual Arts.
You can't help but wonder what will come next, once you get to go through her blog or webpage.
Her personal indie touch gets across in every picture, using light to her advantage and taking good care of every little detail.
She manages to prove her point by telling us a story, or even more, taking us through "a day in the life of..."
Her style reminds me of Sofia Coppola's. Marley even did an editorial photoshoot inspired by the Virgin Suicides. Marley Kate = young + playfull + fresh + trendy.

"El mundo es una sala de juegos", eso es lo que viene a la mente cada vez que visito
Marley Kate es una fotógrafa nacida y criada en Nueva York, ex alumna de la Escuela de Artes Visuales.
Uno no puede evitar preguntarse que viene a continuación, una vez que comienza a mirar su blog o su página.
Su toque indie personal se hace notar en cada foto, aprovechando la luz y cuidando cada pequeño detalle.
Su estilo me recuerda al de Sofía Coppola. Marley inclusive realizó una editorial inspirada en las Vírgenes Suicidas.
Marley Kate = joven + lúdico + frescura + moda.



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